Steel Pipes,Bars, Shaped


- JIS G 3452 SGP Carbon Steel Pipes for Ordinary Piping
  ASTM A 53, API 5LA 25, BS 3487, DIN 1615/2440/2441 ST33, ISO65/559
- JIS G 3454 STPG 370/410 Carbon Steel Pipes for Pressure Services
  ASTM A 53,135 A/B, API 5L A/B, BS3601/3602, DIN 1626/1629/2442/2448
  ISO 2604-2/3, ISO9329/9330
- JIS G 3457 STPY 400 Arc Welded Carbon Steel Pipes
  ASTM A 134/139-A,B,C,D,E, DIN 1626, ISO 559
- JIS G 3461 STB 340/410/510 Carbon Steel Boiler and Heat Exchanger Tubes
  ASTM A 178/179/192/210/214/226, BS 3059/3606, DIN 17175/17177, ISO2604-2/3
- JIS G 3444 STK 290/400/500/490/540 Carbon Steel Tubes for General Structural Purpose
  ASTM A 500/501, BS 1139, DIN 17120/17121/17122/17123/17124
- JIS G 3445 SKTM 11-18, A/B/C Carbon Steel Tubes for Machine Structural Purpose
  ASTM A 512
- JIS A 5525 SKK Steel Pipe for Piles
  ASTM A 252 1/2/3


ERW - Electric Resistance Welded
S.A.W. - Submerged Arc-Welded Pipe
D.S.A.W. (Longitudinal welded ) Pipe
Pre-insulated Thermal Pipe
Seamless Carbon and Alloy Steel Pipe and Tubes


Products O.D. (mm) Thickness(mm) Packing
E.R.W 10.5-609.6 1.7-19.0 Bundle/bare
S.A.W 406.4-2,641.1 6.0-25.0 Bare
Roll Band 406.4-3,032.0 7.1-25.4 Bare

Surface and Finished Condition

PE Coated
BPE - Black Plain End
BTE - Black Threading End
BTC - Black Threading and Coupling
GPE - Galvanized Plain End
GTE - Galvanized Threading End
GTC - Galvanized Threading and Coupling

International Specification

Specification Grade Description
ASTM A53 A,B Pipe for General Purposes
A135 A,B Pipe for Conveying Liquid, Gas or Vapor
A178 A,C,D E.R.W. Boiler Tubes
A214 E.R.W. Heat-Exchanger & Condenser Tubes
A252 1,2 Steel Pipe Piles
A500 A,B,C Steel Tubes for Structural Purposes
A513 E.R.W. Mechanical Tubing
A589 I-IV Steel Water-Well Pipe
API 5L A Line Pipe
5CT H-40,J-55 Casing and Tubing
BS 1139 Metal Scaffolding
1387 L,M,H Steel Tubes Suitable for Pipe Thread
1775 ERW 11 Steel Tubes for Mechanical, Structural
16,20 General Engineering Purpose
3601 ERW 320 Steel Pipes for Pressure Purpose
360,410 Steel Pipes for Pressure Purpose
JIS G3452 SGP Steel Pipe for Ordinary Piping
G3454 STPG Steel Pipes for Pressure Service
G3461 STB Steel Pipes for Boiler & Heat Exchanger
G3444 STK Steel Pipes for General Structural Purpose
G3445 STKM Steel Pipes for Machines Structural Purpose
G3466 STKR Steel Square Pipe for General Structural Purpose
C8305 Rigid Steel Conduit
A5525 Steel Pipe Piles