Flat Rolled Sheet, Coils


JIS G 3312 CGCC, CGCH, CGCD,CGC(340/400/440/490/570)
JIS G 3318 CZACC, CZACH,CZACD, CZAC(340/400/440/490/570)
ASTM A 755, ASTM A 924
Suitable for white electronics, building materials, public utilities, whiteboards, refrigerator and vehicles,


Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Length(mm) Coil I.D.(mm) Coil Weight
0.23-1.60 1270 Max 600-5,000 508-610 15MT Max


Raw Materials Specification Characteristics
Cold Rolled Steel ASTM A-366 JIS G 3141 Excellent Formability, Excellent Weldability, Excellent Surface, Bright Surface
Hot Dip Galvanized Steel ASTM A-526 JIS G 3302 Corrosion Resistance
Electrolytic Galvanized Steel ASTM A-591 JIS G 3313 Excellent Formability
Galvannealed Steel ASTM A-526 JIS G 3302 Good Weldability Corrosion Resistance
Aluminized Steel ASTM A-463 JIS G 3314 Corrosion Resistance
Black Plate ASTM A-623 JIS G 3303 Heat Reflectiveness Excellent Workability
Aluminum Steel ASTM B-209 JIS G 4000 Heat Resistance High Durability
Stainless Steel ASTM A-895 JIS G 4305 High Durability
Supergalum ASTM A-792 EN 10215 Chemical Resistance, Corrosion Resistance, Heat Reflectiveness, High Durability

- R.M.P(Regular Modified Polyester) : for free fabricated house
- H.D.P(High Durability Polyester) : for corrosion resistance
- P.V.D.F(Poly Vinylidyne Fluoride) : guarantee for min 20 years
- H.P.P(High Polymer Polyester) : for workability and beauty
- P.S.S(Printed Steel Sheet) : for steel furniture, home appliances,

Standard Packing

Special care is given to prevent abrasion, rust and scratch during transportation and shipment, the procedures are illustrated as follows.
Unit weight is usually 2-5mt for sheet, 4-20mt for coils upon to the request.