* Specifications
JIS G 3312 CGCC, CGCH, CGCD,CGC(340/400/440/490/570)
JIS G 3318 CZACC, CZACH,CZACD, CZAC(340/400/440/490/570)
ASTM A 755, ASTM A 924
Suitable for white electronics, building materials, public utilities, 
whiteboards, refrigerator and vehicles,
* Dimensions
Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Length(mm) Coil I.D.(mm) Coil Weight
0.23-1.60 1270 Max 600-5,000 508-610 15MT Max.
* Characteristics
Raw Materials  Specification Characteristics
Cold Rolled Steel ASTM A-366
JIS G 3141
Excellent Formability
Excellent Weldability
Excellent Surface
Bright Surface
Hot Dip Galvanized Steel ASTM A-526
JIS G 3302
Corrosion Resistance
Electrolytic Galvanized Steel ASTM A-591
JIS G 3313
Excellent Formability
Galvannealed Steel ASTM A-526
JIS G 3302
Good Weldability
Corrosion Resistance
Aluminized Steel ASTM A-463
JIS G 3314
Corrosion Resistance
Black Plate ASTM A-623
JIS G 3303
Heat Reflectiveness
Excellent Workability
Aluminum Steel ASTM B-209
JIS G 4000
Heat Resistance
High Durability
Stainless Steel ASTM A-895
JIS G 4305
High Durability
Supergalum ASTM A-792
EN 10215‘‘
Chemical Resistance
Corrosion Resistance
Heat Reflectiveness
High Durability
- R.M.P(Regular Modified Polyester) : for free fabricated house
- H.D.P(High Durability Polyester) : for  corrosion resistance
- P.V.D.F(Poly Vinylidyne Fluoride) : guarantee for  min 20 years 
- H.P.P(High Polymer Polyester) : for workability and beauty
- P.S.S(Printed Steel Sheet) : for steel furniture, home appliances, 
* Standard Packing
Special care is given to prevent abrasion, rust and scratch during transportation and 
shipment, the procedures are illustrated as follows.
Unit weight is usually 2-5mt for sheet, 4-20mt for coils upon to the request.
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